NK VUE Overview

The NK VUE test measures the ability of our natural killer (NK) cells to attack and remove viral-infections and cancer cells that may be present in the blood. By knowing the condition of our NK cells, we can make lifestyle changes to improve our immune system and increase protection against diseases. The test can also be used in support of early diagnosis of cancer by providing an early warning signal that can trigger additional testing.

If NK cell activity is low, it does not mean that you have cancer or other diseases, however it may mean that you are at higher risk for cancer or that you have an unrecognized infection. Based on your results, your doctor may recommend lifestyle changes to improve your immune system, or additional testing.

NK Vue Kit


NK VUE is currently available in Korea, Canada, and the United States, and is the first test commercially available to measure NK cell activity. The test requires only 1 mL of blood drawn at a clinic or testing facility, and results are available approximately 5 days after blood is drawn.

Test Results

The test report shows the NK cell activity score. A low score does not indicate a disease or an illness, however it can indicate the health of the immune system and alert physicians when more aggressive surveillance is required, or trigger additional testing.


How to Order or Schedule a Test

NK VUE blood draws must be performed at a certified NK VUE draw site. Please contact us to find a testing location or to schedule an NK VUE test.